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When Do I Need A Lawyer?


Let’s be honest, lawyers can have a bad reputation. But many are just here to help you.
In the age of the internet, and “DIY” everything, there are many legal things you could do yourself. However you may consider hiring a lawyer:

“*before you sign a contract with a major financial impact on you,

*when starting a business or forming a corporation, partnership, or limited liability company,

*before you buy, sell, or transfer real estate,

*if you are involved in an accident resulting in injury to one or more persons or damage to property,

*when you need to have a will or trust drafted or plan your estate,

*if you are involved in a divorce, domestic relations issue or an adoption,

*if you are arrested and charged with a crime,

*if you have a lawsuit filed against you or you wish to file a lawsuit against someone else.”

These are just some of the instances in which you may want to consult an attorney. At least go for a consultation to explore your options.

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