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What it’s like to love a biker

Motorcycles are fun! The freedom of riding, almost feels like your flying. Feeling the sun on your face, the wind and fresh air all around you. Experiencing the world with all your senses. A sense of adventure, to see new things and go new places. With this adventure, comes great responsibility, and trust of the drivers around you.    When you take off on a ride, you need to have great awareness of everyone and everything around you. In exchange for that open road, and being able to take in all the sights and sounds, you lose the protection that an automobile provides. There are...

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Documents used in Estate Planning

Estate planning is often pushed aside. Between braces for your kids, that Caribbean cruise, or a flat screen tv, I understand making other choices with your extra cash. However, planning your estate is something you need to do just once, if you do it correctly. Then you can rest as ease, knowing that you have protected your family and your legacy. Here are some common documents used in estate planning. A will – Often called a Last Will and Testament, this instrument becomes active upon your death and is used to distribute any assets, appoint an Executor to oversee the will, and appoint...

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